Vulnerability Assessment Services

SECURE SMB assesses your information security measures. Web-interfaced systems, such as web servers, firewalls, routers and e-mail, are scanned for security vulnerabilities.

SECURE SMB's vulnerability assessments are independent and objective. We use the best tools and processes to produce the best results.

If you are connected to the Internet, you need to scan your systems for vulnerabilities.

On average, we find one serious vulnerability per system that a hacker could directly exploit, by either for example, deleting, modifying or stealing data, or even taking control of the system

A vulnerability assessment helps you to:

  • Identify the threats facing your organization's information assets

  • Identify risk issues and provide information and that supports your risk mitigation needs and expenditure

  • Reduce your organization's IT security costs and provide a better return on IT security investment

  • Gives you peace of mind

A thorough vulnerability assessment will address policy, procedure, design and implementation issues that will surface.

SECURE SMB is your risk management partner.