Site Reviews & Assessments

Site Security Assessments provides you an in-depth review of the site security controls and processes.

SECURE SMB audits against security and industry best standards and allows us to establish a security baseline that will support your business decisions.

The goal of a site assessment to is to promote a secure working and operational environment and direct security efforts that protect people, assets and facilities.

SECURE SMB uses site audit techniques, based on ISO 17799, ISF and best practice. Our review efforts will focus on:

  • Implementing policies and procedures that promote a secure working environment
  • Disaster recovery and business continuity plans
  • Incident handling procedures and management
  • Management processes that protect corporate data, intellectual property and ensure Privacy compliance, and
  • Reviewing implantation and operation of security controls across the enterprise.

Service covers:

  • A physical IT site review. This step includes a security assessment and related documentation in the following areas: physical security, emergency planning, incident management, contract management, and information protection
  • Information gathering from interviews with key managers and corporate groups (Executive, HR, Marketing, Sales, Operations, IT)
  • Final report detailing observations and recommendations made during the review
  • A management presentation outlining identified strengths and weaknesses relating to site security processes and procedural compliance.
If you plan to outsource your business processes, make sure your outsourcing partner complies with the latest security standards. Protect your data by obtaining assurance that your outsource partner protects your data the same way you do.

Trained information security consultants will visit your third party vendor and audit their security posture, based on IS standards and we will report back on any deficiencies and weaknesses we notice. Whether outsourcing to India or other remote countries and locations in the world, you need a security assessments to drive your decision.