Computer Maintenance Plans

Our computer maintenance plans are a perfect solution for small and medium companies, as well as, home offices and SOHOs.

It gives you all the care, which your computers need and costs so little, that you can easily afford it. With this plan, you can get help every time you need it and still pay only the low monthly fee! Your computers will be maintained in first-class working condition and updated with latest bug fixes -- that means fewer problems, less downtime and more work done!

Our clients have 3 plans to choose from:

Option A:Scheduled Maintenance

‘Scheduled' services are prepaid support services and designed to assist with routine technology tasks of a NON-Emergency nature. The service is purchased in advance in hourly increments. A SECURE SMB consultant is designated to the client to perform these services. The client designates one contact person as the person that the SECURE SMB consultant reports to.

•  Pricing in FEE section below


If determined necessary by SECURE SMB, an inventory/assessment will be conducted for an additional fee. Total cost will be pre-paid by the participating client. Any work outside of the Scheduled Support Contract times and scope will be conducted at the regular Per Call rate.


Cost / Hour



$200.00 Flat Rate



“ Per call” services are offered at our regular rates and offered for all Computer, Server and Network work. Expert technicians are dispatched within 8 hours of the support call, although. All calls are serviced on a best efforts basis.

•  Prices in FEE section below


Standalone Computer Service

$ 125.00 per hour

Network Service

$145.00 per hour

Workstation Service

$155.00 per hour

Server Service

$195.00 per hour

Standalone is a computer that is not networked in any way.


  “Block Time” services are prepaid blocks of service. The can be used for all minor and major work on your infrastructure.




10 hours


25 hours


50 hours


100 hours


Note: These services are currently offered for Microsoft Windows-based networks only. *Basic server administration is included with computer maintenance. Advanced server application administration is extra. Administration of server applications are extra, please ask for a quote.

Off-Hour Support





After hours support

(5pm – 11pm):

1.5 times the regular rate

Minimum 2 hour charge


Extreme Support:

(11pm to 8am and Holidays)

$250 / hour flat fee

Minimum 2 hour charge


The following services are performed:

•  Troubleshooting workstations and servers as needed

•  Individual Adds/Moves/Change

•  Install and configure applications as needed

•  Set up file and folder sharing as needed

•  Modify users/groups/permissions as needed

•  Resolve long standing issues as indicated by the designated Client Contact

•  Clean up devices and make sure fans are free of dust and debris

•  Update mobile notebooks with changes or reports produced

•  Perform backup restore tests

•  Check UPS and test

•  Check system health of file server

•  Review firewall logs

•  Review backup logs

•  Review virus detection settings and logs

Service Call


Internet Setup

Configuration of Internet connection Internet connection setup, email and personal web page configuration, and basic introduction to the Internet. Internet connection and appropriate adapter required.

Internet Security

Installation of security software - software included!
Prevent computer viruses and spyware from damaging your files and accessing your private information. Includes antivirus, anti-spyware and software firewall.

Wireless Network

Installation and configuration of wireless network
Connect to your network anywhere in your home and enjoy the Internet, multi-player games, and file and printer sharing with the freedom of no cables! Includes Internet configuration and email setup. Hardware not included.

System Tune-Up

Performance optimization
Is your computer slower than it used to be? We can give it a second chance by optimizing your operating system, applications, and overall system performance.

Hard Disk Upgrade

Installation of hard drive
Installation of larger and/or faster hard drive can improve system performance and ease of use. Limit to 40 GB. Large sized Hard drives extra. Hard drive extra.

Note: These packages are currently offered for Microsoft Windows-based computers only. Full system and data backup may be required in some cases and is not included in these packages.

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