Finjan Security Solutions

SECURE SMB is proud to represent Finjan's security solutions in Canada.

Finjan is a leader in the worldwide malicious mobile code security market.

Finjan Software is the leading provider of proactive, behavior-based secure content management solutions, protecting more than 3 million users from known and unknown attacks, globally.

Finjan uses its Vital Security™ Appliances to determine actual code behavior and block any action that violate predefined security policy, therefore surpassing the levels of defense offered by reactive and signature-based anti-virus and intrusion detection solutions. This superior technology enables Finjan to protect users proactively by responding to existing, and more importantly, yet to be developed attacks.

Finjan’s breakthrough Next Generation Application-Level Behavior Blocking is the ultimate solution for enterprises’ Internet security needs.

Finjan's patented technology provides unbeatable security, while enhancing performance and flexibility.

Finjan's patented Application-Level Behavior Blocking technology inspects the application-level traffic (i.e., the active content objects) that might carry the malicious mobile code which can infect the computers, and analyzes the behavior of the code itself - before it even arrives and begins to run on the target computer.

Finjan’s Next Generation Application-Level Behavior Blocking solution is unique in its ability to determine whether Active Content complies with your company’s security policy – letting you conduct business as usual and keeping you a step ahead of the next attack.

This is the ONLY security solution to effectively combat new and unknown attacks driven by Active Content.