Data Destruction and Recovery Services

/div> Secure SMB offers Data Handling and Data Wiping services and solutions.

Secure Data Wiping and Data Destruction

SECURE SMB uses Secure Data Wiping and Data Destruction techniques and tools match those enforced by the RCMP and the U.S. Department of Defense. We make sure your data is not recoverable in any instance. We offer shredding at a secure facility.

Your biggest security breach may happen when your data and equipment is no longer in your possession. When you discard hard disks and media that contain your confidential data, they become vulnerable to theft and misuse.

Confidential information in your dumpster means easy pickings for anyone from a journalist seeking a quick headline to a corporate spy seeking to "borrow" technology you've developed. Shredding obsolete records is an essential step in total data security.

If you prefer off-site shredding, we can arrange to pick up your records from your site and transport them to our warehouse for processing.

Once your data or device is destroyed, a Certificate of Destruction will be mailed to you or will be available online.