Saturday, August 06, 2005

In a nutshell - Managing IT Growth

Your company is soaring to new heights and annual revenue appears to be following a geometric or exponential growth.

As an IT executive you need to perform classify your assets:
- Projects
- Network
- Servers
- Desktops
- Applications

IT Challenges you will face:
- Aligning business requirements to IT requirements – Set common goals, milestones and metrics (consider BI, CMS, DRP, BCP)
- Enforcing Security measures and getting executive buy-in (Consider ISO17799)
- Enhance internal IT processes to meet demands and increased staff inflow (Consider ITIL)
- Enhance Project Management processes and deliver quality products on-time and on-budget (consider CMMi)

Key steps to achieve in order:
- Create / modify Strategic plan and formal policies and processes (if your business has put them in place already, please read them and realign your department to meet the same goals)
- Implement Organizational changes (carefully choose your direct reports)
- Make them directly accountable for results
- Keep information flowing to your immediate reports and most importantly upwards to your managers
- Make sure everyone is aware and clear of the company´┐Żs goals
- Focus on technology enhancements to allow for growth
- Focus on skill development, training and staff retention

- Happy staff and stakeholders…

(BTW, please let us know your stock symbol…)

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