Saturday, August 06, 2005

In a Nutshell - Content Management

Content Management solutions

- Managing online or enterprise content
- Enable content creators direct access to the website/site, cutting the �middleman�

- Company�s IT staff managed the online presence devoting valuable time and resources
- Leads to inefficiency in maintaining online presence up-to-date when launching new content or products

- To enhance online presence
- Meet specialized requirements

Content Management Solution has to:
- Enhance customer service and user
- Provide a stable platform to host content
- Short “time-to-market “
- Accuracy of content publishing
- Easy to use
- Easy to learn
- Have Mid-Market positioning (not too small – too big)

Might want to address these issues also:
- Provide basic or enhanced document management capabilities
- Provide secure collaboration to organize, share and manage data
- Provide workflow capabilities

- Allow content publishers direct access through implementation of security controls
- Outsource to content management provider
- Purchase and implement Content Management solution

- Increased employee productivity
- Maintain IT department�s control
- Consistent image and branding

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